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Dunlop Germanium Fuzz Face Mini - FFM2

Dunlop Germanium Fuzz Face Mini - FFM2


Dunlop Germanium Fuzz Face Mini Distortion– FFM2
The Germanium Fuzz Face Mini takes Dunlop’s classic sixties-era Fuzz Face and puts it into what can only be described as a TINY enclosure. The original Fuzz Face is 7” in diameter—taking up a huge chunk of real estate on your pedalboard; the Germanium Mini gets you the same tone in less than half the space as the old Fuzz Face—and we all know what that means: more room for more pedals! Not content with simply reducing the size of the enclosure, Dunlop also updated the mini with several modern touches. The FFM2 is now wired for true bypass switching and has a bright LED status indicator so you can easily know when the pedal is engaged or in bypass. Dunlop also addressed an oft-requested feature and updated the Fuzz Face Mini with a power jack so you can now run your fuzz from a power supply instead of a battery. Dunlop spec’d the Germanium Mini after Fuzz Faces from ’66-’68, which yield warm vintage tones via their slightly mismatched germanium transistors.

Dunlop Germanium Fuzz Face Mini Features:
Volume and Fuzz Controls
True bypass
LED indicator
3.5” diameter
Battery compartment
9v power adapter jack

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